Lonnie instructs the following:
  • Barre Class
  • Our classic 50-minute class includes warmup, weight work, targeted thigh and seat exercises, and then deeply targets the core for the remainder of class, including ab work on the mat. All classes incorporate mindful muscle movements without extraneous motion or physical distraction, and emphasize muscular endurance by incorporating high repetition sets, isometric holds, pulses, and stretching after each targeted muscle group.

  • $20 Donation Class - North Valley Animal Disaster Group
  • Please join Lonnie for an extended DONATION ONLY ($20 suggested, cash only) class to support the North Valley Animal Disaster Group in the wake of the Camp Fire in California this past November. The class is extended to provide a full barre class with an extended warm up and cool down, and some additional yoga flare! Sending love and hope to all of our Simply Barre Community this holiday season!

    I was born and raised in Paradise, California, now 90% gone after the Camp Fire destroyed our home and almost every neighborhood in town. November 8th was a very surreal day for me being far away in Boston. I am filled with gratitude for so many escaping. All my loved ones are accounted for.

    As media calms down about the most destructive fire in California history, there is much devastation and challenges ahead for this community. From the start, my heart has been broken thinking of all the animals left behind. Many have been rescued and thousands are still waiting for their owners or to eventually find new homes. I have chosen to focus on donating to a local non-profit committed to helping these animals survive and reconnect with owners. Please help how you can! I am hoping to continue to find ways to support the town who made me from afar.

    If you are unable to make the class but would like to donate, please donate directly to the North Valley Animal Disaster Group: https://www.nvadg.org/about/donate/